Now we are RP!


Look at how fabulous we are at lining up to go to lunch! We are settling well into our daily routines and beginning to follow class and school rules more and more!  We are becoming more independent when choosing our dinner menu and collecting our food from the kitchen staff in the dinner hall.


We have had a visit from the fairies over the weekend – when they enjoyed having a party – leaving the toadstool evidence behind them! They left us a lovely present of some fairy sized books which we have shared.

We have been learning about Autumn this week and have been busy collecting many different shaped leaves, pine cones, conkers and their cases. It would be lovely if the children could collect some natural Autumn objects over the weekend and bring them into school next week.

This week we thought about all the things we would like to learn about next week. The children helped by adding their ideas to our mind map.


We have continued to show and speak about our chatterboxes. It has been a wonderful way to get to know more about the children and what they enjoy doing in their time at home with their families.


Friday ended the week with a class full of very engaged children creating amazing things in the role play and construction areas. This ‘Dinosaur clock’ was built by a great team of ‘builders’ who then continued to build on their role play by making this an exhibit in their museum. Everyone in RP was eager to visit! Entrance tickets were written, jobs were applied for and comments were made about the trip to the RP Museum!

We are very excited about next week too – as we will be learning all about Harvest and I’m sure there will be lots of lovely creations and discussions then.

Wishing you all a great weekend – keep collecting those Autumn objects!








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