Harvest and the 30 bakers


As autumn continues, we have noticed some changes in the environment, particularly with the sunflowers in our outside area. We looked at what had happened to the petals and we found where the seeds had grown in the middle of the sunflower head. The children explored using magnifying glasses, as we added the seeds to our autumn collection of leaves and conkers.

It was Harvest week and we talked about being thankful for the food that we eat. We talked about what kinds of food is grown in the fields and on trees, such as wheat, carrots, peas, apples, pears and plums. Then we heard the story of the Little Red Hen. We learnt that she grew some wheat which she made into flour to make some bread. We decided that we would like to make some bread too, but unlike the other characters in the Little Red Hen story, we would all help each other to get the job done!


It was quite clear that Mrs Davy (the baker) needed some help – as she managed to sieve the flour all over the floor! So, with the children’s help, she was able to follow the instructions in the recipe, continuing to add all the ingredients correctly. She weighed out the flour and sieved it into the bowl.

img_1553 img_1554 Some children helped to add the ‘special’ ingredient – the yeast!img_1557

When we had all mixed the ingredients together and made the dough, it was left in a bowl in a warm place. Then something amazing happened because of the yeast!  After about an hour, the dough had risen to double its size and was ready to be split and shared into individual rolls.

img_1600 img_1597

Some of us got very sticky fingers, as we kneaded the dough. It was worth it though, as the bread rolls looked very tasty once cooked!  These went home with the children and apparently they were delicious!

img_1610 img_1618img_1611 

We enjoyed hearing and reading stories this week and are looking forward to hearing many more next week.

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  1. Thank you Mrs Viner. We had lots of fun and Mrs Davy kept getting things wrong. We had to tell her how to follow the instructions!

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