The Magic of Reception


Welcome back after half term. We have been extremely busy in RP with magic, pumpkins and fireworks, amongst other things!

We began by reading the story of The Room on the Broom by Julia Donaldson (celebrating 15 years since the book was first published.) We enjoyed the story – it was fun to hear and join in with the rhymes. We also laughed at how the ‘mud monster’ fooled the dragon and saved the witch!

Just like the witch in the story, we used our magic powers and special potions:

Purple ‘worms’ and big, brown conkers, wiggley eyeballs and magic bubbles to create spells to “shrink people in size” or “make people happy”. We had fun pouring, mixing, ‘boiling’ and stirring our potions to make the spells work really well! We were able to write these spells and ingredients that we used – just in case anyone ever wants to make the spells again!       


We made our spiders making sure they had eight legs each! They made a lot of mess with their webs in the classroom during the half term holidays!

img_1922                           img_1931

As part of Understanding the World, we observed the pumpkin that we had in our classroom. We looked really carefully at the shape, colour and the texture of it! Using crayons and pastels, we produced observational drawings of the pumpkin.

After a week or so, the pumpkin started to look different! It had a brown patch on its skin, which had turned soft. When we pushed harder, the pumpkin caved in and there was a hole, right through to the middle! We discussed what had happened and understood that it was getting old and going bad. It has started to smell different too-yuck!

We cut the pumpkin in half to see what was inside and how it might have changed over time. There were so many seeds inside that were dangling from a type of web. It was a bit like the sunflower head that had dried out. There were hundreds of seeds there too! It was fun to explore and see what the inside of the pumpkin felt like.

img_1679 img_1681

This week, we enjoyed our music lesson with Mr ‘M’. We sang and danced, doing the actions with the music.  We learnt about the different brass instruments that can be found in an orchestra. Some of them are played in different ways to change their sounds – such as pushing buttons or sliding the parts of the instrument.


It was firework night on November 5th and we spoke about how to stay safe, but have a fun time watching the fireworks. We created our  won firework pictures using mixed media such as paint, glitter and tissue paper. Our writing about fireworks this week was amazing too! We are all trying really hard to write our names now and to segment words for spelling!


It was a hard job, but somebody had to do it! We wanted to learn about how chocolate was made. So we talked about our own ideas and we watched a film on how chocolate becomes chocolate! We found out about the cacoa beans and depending on how much is used determines what type of chocolate is made. We know that they can make dark, milk and white chocolate. Then…we tasted some of each for ourselves and compared the tastes. Yum! img_1954


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