Friendship Week

Another busy week at school last week as Friendship Week arrived, coinciding with Children in Need day on the Friday.

In Reception, we all coloured our own caterpillar to add to the butterflies that the rest of the school were doing. This was to create a whole school display for the school hall. We also participated with the rest of the school in physical challenges, such as holding a plank position, jumps, hops, skips, for five minutes each day.

At the beginning of the week, we discussed what we thought a good friend would be – some of us thought it was someone that played with us, others thought they had to make us laugh, be kind, share and take turns. We decided that it can be all of these things. We did an activity to see if we could spot which cards were showing how to be a good friend.


‘This little boy is helping the little girl to get up’. (FT and PR)


We made friendship paper chains. Those of us that had made them before, were able to help those that hadn’t made them before. What good friends!

 img_1996When we had made the chains, we were linked together and had to talk to each other to decide where we wanted to go and play and what we wanted to do. Some children were very helpful and thoughtful to others. Each of the pairs had to work together and cooperate without breaking the chains. It was a lot of fun!

img_2007 Some children chose to play a game of snakes and ladders and had to remember to share and take turns. img_1708 img_1707We talked about who our friends are and we said what made them a good friend. Then we iced and decorated some biscuits that we would share with them.

img_2011img_2013We are all so lucky to have such a fantastic class of friends in RP!

Thank you for supporting Children in Need by donating to wear non-uniform last Friday. We raised a lot of money which will go to some very good causes. We done to all those who participated.

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