Being Healthy and World Book Day

RP have been thinking about ways to stay healthy. We thought about making sensible choices with food and drink and not having too many sweet things.

Having the right amount of sleep and exercise is also good for us. We had a visitor to our class, Edwin the skeleton. We talked about the different parts of our bodies and then we drew around one of the children and labelled the parts of the body.

Edwin left his teeth behind and it gave us a chance to see what kinds of teeth we have in our mouths. We spoke about when we should brush our teeth and why. Then we practised brushing Edwin’s teeth, making sure that we didn’t miss any parts.

We thought about which teeth we were using for eating different things. If we bite something, we use the front teeth, the incisors. If we are chewing, we use the large back teeth, the molars.

Thursday this week was World Book Day when we dressed up as characters from Roald Dahl’s ‘Fantastic Mr Fox. Thank you and well done to all of those children who made such great efforts with their face paints, masks and costumes.

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