Green Fingers in RP

Spring has arrived! In RP, we have been busy with our little green fingers – planting cress seeds, which we will observe. To begin with, we coloured our pot and put in some compost or soil. We looked at the seeds – they were very tiny. We sprinkled the seeds onto the soil and gave them some water. We know that the seeds needed light too, so we left them near the window. We kept watching, and watching and watching, until…a few days later, the seeds had begun to change!

To start with, the seeds had started to open and shoots were sprouting from the seeds. Then gradually, little green leaves started to grow. We got very excited and wanted to see how they were growing every day that we came to school!

Look how well they have grown now! Our cress plants look very green and healthy as we have made sure that they had enough water and sunlight. We are planning on eating our cress at the end of this week, in an egg sandwich – yum, yum!






We have thought about measuring objects too, this week and we are using the language of size and measure. So we thought it would be a good idea to measure and compare our height and growth of cress.

With our success in plant growing, we have been inspired to look at the gardens outside, where we have been pulling up weeds and observing the creatures that live amongst the plants and in the soil. We have been very lucky with the sunny weather too!

We have been just as busy inside the classroom too. Some of us wanted to create a toyshop and work on the money skills that we learnt last week, so we were busy writing signs and price labels to sell our toys.  We have also spent some time playing some games and learning how to take turns – we have had lots of fun!

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