Springtime at Aveley

It has been a busy few weeks in RP again, with us working hard to make our Mother’s Day cards on time. We hope you liked them and we were thinking of all the things that our mums do for us, which is why we wanted to make the cards.

An artist called Peter visited the school and showed us some famous works of art. We had our favourites and some of us tried to recreate them back in the classroom.

When creating our own paintings, we wanted to find ways of mixing different colours, so we used the primary colours, blue, yellow and red, to make orange, purple and green.

At last Spring has arrived allowing us to work and play in the sunshine! We have been on a walk around our school to look out for signs of Spring and we could see how lucky we are to have such lovely school grounds! We saw many different pretty flowers including tulips and bluebells. On the trees were buds showing signs of the blossom on its way. There was a birds nest in the tree outside our classroom and we could hear all of the birds singing.

In class, we have been writing about what we have seen in Springtime, thinking of our own sentences and using our phonic skills for segmenting words for spelling. We are working hard on these skills.

At the end of our second term in Reception, we are looking forward to our Easter holidays and coming back in the summer term for more exploration, creativity and hard work!

Enjoy the Easter holidays, everyone!


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