Busy Bees in RP

Another busy week in RP!

In maths, we have been looking at addition and subtraction and finding out what these symbols mean:

+ means add or plus and makes the number or number of objects bigger or more.

– means take away, minus or subtract. This sign makes the number or number of objects smaller or less.

= means, how many? altogether, total.

Some children have been exploring and developing their understanding of these symbols by writing them on a whiteboard.

Some children have been able to read or say the number sentences and write them onto their whiteboards.

The castle theme is on-going from last week, when we learnt about St. George and the dragon.  Some children have been building castles and others have been creating stories in their role play.

We have all been working hard on our phonics and trying to bring that into our writing. Many of us were keen to write independent pieces of work this week. Some of that included writing our numbers, too!

Again, we have been busy exploring outside and taking an interest in the different minibeasts /wildlife that we can find under logs and in the soil, when we are digging. It is interesting for us to look at their different features under the magnifying glass to see, for example, how many legs they have and what their markings are like on their bodies.

I’m excited to see what new things we can learn or find out about next week!

Have a happy weekend everyone!

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