Busy Bees in RP

Another busy week in RP!

In maths, we have been looking at addition and subtraction and finding out what these symbols mean:

+ means add or plus and makes the number or number of objects bigger or more.

– means take away, minus or subtract. This sign makes the number or number of objects smaller or less.

= means, how many? altogether, total.

Some children have been exploring and developing their understanding of these symbols by writing them on a whiteboard.

Some children have been able to read or say the number sentences and write them onto their whiteboards.

The castle theme is on-going from last week, when we learnt about St. George and the dragon.  Some children have been building castles and others have been creating stories in their role play.

We have all been working hard on our phonics and trying to bring that into our writing. Many of us were keen to write independent pieces of work this week. Some of that included writing our numbers, too!

Again, we have been busy exploring outside and taking an interest in the different minibeasts /wildlife that we can find under logs and in the soil, when we are digging. It is interesting for us to look at their different features under the magnifying glass to see, for example, how many legs they have and what their markings are like on their bodies.

I’m excited to see what new things we can learn or find out about next week!

Have a happy weekend everyone!

Springtime at Aveley

It has been a busy few weeks in RP again, with us working hard to make our Mother’s Day cards on time. We hope you liked them and we were thinking of all the things that our mums do for us, which is why we wanted to make the cards.

An artist called Peter visited the school and showed us some famous works of art. We had our favourites and some of us tried to recreate them back in the classroom.

When creating our own paintings, we wanted to find ways of mixing different colours, so we used the primary colours, blue, yellow and red, to make orange, purple and green.

At last Spring has arrived allowing us to work and play in the sunshine! We have been on a walk around our school to look out for signs of Spring and we could see how lucky we are to have such lovely school grounds! We saw many different pretty flowers including tulips and bluebells. On the trees were buds showing signs of the blossom on its way. There was a birds nest in the tree outside our classroom and we could hear all of the birds singing.

In class, we have been writing about what we have seen in Springtime, thinking of our own sentences and using our phonic skills for segmenting words for spelling. We are working hard on these skills.

At the end of our second term in Reception, we are looking forward to our Easter holidays and coming back in the summer term for more exploration, creativity and hard work!

Enjoy the Easter holidays, everyone!


Green Fingers in RP

Spring has arrived! In RP, we have been busy with our little green fingers – planting cress seeds, which we will observe. To begin with, we coloured our pot and put in some compost or soil. We looked at the seeds – they were very tiny. We sprinkled the seeds onto the soil and gave them some water. We know that the seeds needed light too, so we left them near the window. We kept watching, and watching and watching, until…a few days later, the seeds had begun to change!

To start with, the seeds had started to open and shoots were sprouting from the seeds. Then gradually, little green leaves started to grow. We got very excited and wanted to see how they were growing every day that we came to school!

Look how well they have grown now! Our cress plants look very green and healthy as we have made sure that they had enough water and sunlight. We are planning on eating our cress at the end of this week, in an egg sandwich – yum, yum!






We have thought about measuring objects too, this week and we are using the language of size and measure. So we thought it would be a good idea to measure and compare our height and growth of cress.

With our success in plant growing, we have been inspired to look at the gardens outside, where we have been pulling up weeds and observing the creatures that live amongst the plants and in the soil. We have been very lucky with the sunny weather too!

We have been just as busy inside the classroom too. Some of us wanted to create a toyshop and work on the money skills that we learnt last week, so we were busy writing signs and price labels to sell our toys.  We have also spent some time playing some games and learning how to take turns – we have had lots of fun!

Being Healthy and World Book Day

RP have been thinking about ways to stay healthy. We thought about making sensible choices with food and drink and not having too many sweet things.

Having the right amount of sleep and exercise is also good for us. We had a visitor to our class, Edwin the skeleton. We talked about the different parts of our bodies and then we drew around one of the children and labelled the parts of the body.

Edwin left his teeth behind and it gave us a chance to see what kinds of teeth we have in our mouths. We spoke about when we should brush our teeth and why. Then we practised brushing Edwin’s teeth, making sure that we didn’t miss any parts.

We thought about which teeth we were using for eating different things. If we bite something, we use the front teeth, the incisors. If we are chewing, we use the large back teeth, the molars.

Thursday this week was World Book Day when we dressed up as characters from Roald Dahl’s ‘Fantastic Mr Fox. Thank you and well done to all of those children who made such great efforts with their face paints, masks and costumes.

Friendship Week

Another busy week at school last week as Friendship Week arrived, coinciding with Children in Need day on the Friday.

In Reception, we all coloured our own caterpillar to add to the butterflies that the rest of the school were doing. This was to create a whole school display for the school hall. We also participated with the rest of the school in physical challenges, such as holding a plank position, jumps, hops, skips, for five minutes each day.

At the beginning of the week, we discussed what we thought a good friend would be – some of us thought it was someone that played with us, others thought they had to make us laugh, be kind, share and take turns. We decided that it can be all of these things. We did an activity to see if we could spot which cards were showing how to be a good friend.


‘This little boy is helping the little girl to get up’. (FT and PR)


We made friendship paper chains. Those of us that had made them before, were able to help those that hadn’t made them before. What good friends!

 img_1996When we had made the chains, we were linked together and had to talk to each other to decide where we wanted to go and play and what we wanted to do. Some children were very helpful and thoughtful to others. Each of the pairs had to work together and cooperate without breaking the chains. It was a lot of fun!

img_2007 Some children chose to play a game of snakes and ladders and had to remember to share and take turns. img_1708 img_1707We talked about who our friends are and we said what made them a good friend. Then we iced and decorated some biscuits that we would share with them.

img_2011img_2013We are all so lucky to have such a fantastic class of friends in RP!

Thank you for supporting Children in Need by donating to wear non-uniform last Friday. We raised a lot of money which will go to some very good causes. We done to all those who participated.

The Magic of Reception


Welcome back after half term. We have been extremely busy in RP with magic, pumpkins and fireworks, amongst other things!

We began by reading the story of The Room on the Broom by Julia Donaldson (celebrating 15 years since the book was first published.) We enjoyed the story – it was fun to hear and join in with the rhymes. We also laughed at how the ‘mud monster’ fooled the dragon and saved the witch!


Just like the witch in the story, we used our magic powers and special potions:

Purple ‘worms’ and big, brown conkers, wiggley eyeballs and magic bubbles to create spells to “shrink people in size” or “make people happy”. We had fun pouring, mixing, ‘boiling’ and stirring our potions to make the spells work really well! We were able to write these spells and ingredients that we used – just in case anyone ever wants to make the spells again!       


We made our spiders making sure they had eight legs each! They made a lot of mess with their webs in the classroom during the half term holidays!

img_1922                           img_1931

As part of Understanding the World, we observed the pumpkin that we had in our classroom. We looked really carefully at the shape, colour and the texture of it! Using crayons and pastels, we produced observational drawings of the pumpkin.

After a week or so, the pumpkin started to look different! It had a brown patch on its skin, which had turned soft. When we pushed harder, the pumpkin caved in and there was a hole, right through to the middle! We discussed what had happened and understood that it was getting old and going bad. It has started to smell different too-yuck!

We cut the pumpkin in half to see what was inside and how it might have changed over time. There were so many seeds inside that were dangling from a type of web. It was a bit like the sunflower head that had dried out. There were hundreds of seeds there too! It was fun to explore and see what the inside of the pumpkin felt like.

img_1679 img_1681

This week, we enjoyed our music lesson with Mr ‘M’. We sang and danced, doing the actions with the music.  We learnt about the different brass instruments that can be found in an orchestra. Some of them are played in different ways to change their sounds – such as pushing buttons or sliding the parts of the instrument.


It was firework night on November 5th and we spoke about how to stay safe, but have a fun time watching the fireworks. We created our  won firework pictures using mixed media such as paint, glitter and tissue paper. Our writing about fireworks this week was amazing too! We are all trying really hard to write our names now and to segment words for spelling!


It was a hard job, but somebody had to do it! We wanted to learn about how chocolate was made. So we talked about our own ideas and we watched a film on how chocolate becomes chocolate! We found out about the cacoa beans and depending on how much is used determines what type of chocolate is made. We know that they can make dark, milk and white chocolate. Then…we tasted some of each for ourselves and compared the tastes. Yum! img_1954


Harvest and the 30 bakers


As autumn continues, we have noticed some changes in the environment, particularly with the sunflowers in our outside area. We looked at what had happened to the petals and we found where the seeds had grown in the middle of the sunflower head. The children explored using magnifying glasses, as we added the seeds to our autumn collection of leaves and conkers.

It was Harvest week and we talked about being thankful for the food that we eat. We talked about what kinds of food is grown in the fields and on trees, such as wheat, carrots, peas, apples, pears and plums. Then we heard the story of the Little Red Hen. We learnt that she grew some wheat which she made into flour to make some bread. We decided that we would like to make some bread too, but unlike the other characters in the Little Red Hen story, we would all help each other to get the job done!


It was quite clear that Mrs Davy (the baker) needed some help – as she managed to sieve the flour all over the floor! So, with the children’s help, she was able to follow the instructions in the recipe, continuing to add all the ingredients correctly. She weighed out the flour and sieved it into the bowl.

img_1553 img_1554 Some children helped to add the ‘special’ ingredient – the yeast!img_1557

When we had all mixed the ingredients together and made the dough, it was left in a bowl in a warm place. Then something amazing happened because of the yeast!  After about an hour, the dough had risen to double its size and was ready to be split and shared into individual rolls.

img_1600 img_1597

Some of us got very sticky fingers, as we kneaded the dough. It was worth it though, as the bread rolls looked very tasty once cooked!  These went home with the children and apparently they were delicious!

img_1610 img_1618img_1611 

We enjoyed hearing and reading stories this week and are looking forward to hearing many more next week.

Now we are RP!


Look at how fabulous we are at lining up to go to lunch! We are settling well into our daily routines and beginning to follow class and school rules more and more!  We are becoming more independent when choosing our dinner menu and collecting our food from the kitchen staff in the dinner hall.


We have had a visit from the fairies over the weekend – when they enjoyed having a party – leaving the toadstool evidence behind them! They left us a lovely present of some fairy sized books which we have shared.

We have been learning about Autumn this week and have been busy collecting many different shaped leaves, pine cones, conkers and their cases. It would be lovely if the children could collect some natural Autumn objects over the weekend and bring them into school next week.

This week we thought about all the things we would like to learn about next week. The children helped by adding their ideas to our mind map.


We have continued to show and speak about our chatterboxes. It has been a wonderful way to get to know more about the children and what they enjoy doing in their time at home with their families.


Friday ended the week with a class full of very engaged children creating amazing things in the role play and construction areas. This ‘Dinosaur clock’ was built by a great team of ‘builders’ who then continued to build on their role play by making this an exhibit in their museum. Everyone in RP was eager to visit! Entrance tickets were written, jobs were applied for and comments were made about the trip to the RP Museum!

We are very excited about next week too – as we will be learning all about Harvest and I’m sure there will be lots of lovely creations and discussions then.

Wishing you all a great weekend – keep collecting those Autumn objects!